Flower Power…

Following a meeting this evening with  the Dinnington Floral Art Society Committee I am happy to announce that I will be helping  to create a new website for their group.

The website will be built on a pre existing platform to enable several of their team to keep their 60+ members up to date with their latest club news and information.

The overall objectives of this project will be to create and host their website for them.  The site will enable them to gain new members in addition to training them to have control over their content using the Word Press platform.

Customisation of their website interface will follow in the coming weeks and I will keep you posted through my blog in order to show you their results.

It is always a pleasure to help out local community organisations such as the Dinnington Floral Arts Society.  A group that my Mum was once a member.  I am looking forward to working with them in the coming months to achieve their objectives.

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