Home Portraits

Why visit a studio when the studio can come to you? – I offer a home visiting service where I can attend your home or a location of your choice throughout the local region.

Businesses carrying heavy studio overheads need to have to charge more for their services.  This puts me in a unique position where I am able to offer an equivalent service for you in the comfort of your own home without all the upheaval of visiting somewhere to get those cherished memories.

I take a selection of both Studio Style  (with removed backgrounds etc) along with naturally posed shots around your home or your chosen location (such as the local park/woods/beauty spots).

In addition, I also offer digital art services when you are looking for something completely different…. If you are a guitarist, runner, dog lover or have a passion for something special within your hobbies? – I can create something truly unique that reflects your personality.

More information coming soon.

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