Pet Portrait Advice…

As a photographer I know that Pet Portraits can be challenging.  Your animal doesn’t know me. Therefore time is taken to capture your beloved animal in his or her natural surroundings.

Pet Portraits are largely a two stage process.  Firstly, I come along to your home to capture as many images as possible.   This can take anywhere upto a full morning or afternoon (depending on how things go).

Following my visit I spend time working through your images to produce a collection of finalized collection for you.  This may include background removal and/or other digitally enhanced processes to get the best from your Pets pictures.

Before my arrival at your home, please consider the following:
– Is your pet loving to strangers? (If not, it may not be such a good idea unless you have complete control of your animal).
– Has your pet ever shown any signs of aggression to strangers?
– When is your Pet usually at their most active/sleepy?
– Has your pet been trained and responds to your verbal commands while in the presence of strangers? (Just in case your pooch wants to eat me for breakfast).
– Does your animal suffer from any light sensitive conditions such as Epilepsy? – If so please tell me before hand so I am aware not to use flash photography.

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